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B02BD - Blood Coagulation FactorsATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
B - Blood and Blood Forming Organs
B02 - Antihemorrhagics
B02B - Vitamin K and Other Hemostatics

The DDDs are based on treatment of hemorrhage associated with different deficiency states (e.g. vitamin K deficiency, deficiency of different blood coagulation factors etc.).

B02BD - Blood Coagulation Factors

This group comprises all blood coagulation factors, thrombin etc., incl. preparations for local use, and their combinations. Fibrinogen (factor I), see - B02BB - Fibrinogen.
Prothrombin complexes containg three or all four factors are classified in B02BD01 coagulation factor IX, II, VII and X.
Both human derived and recombinant factor VIII and factor IX products will be classified in B02BD02 - coagulation factor VIII and B02BD04 - coagulation factor IX, respectively.

No DDDs are established for blood coagulation factors. The use of blood coagulation factors could be measured in blood factor units (IU).

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