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B02BD - Blood Coagulation FactorsATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
B - Blood and Blood Forming Organs
B02 - Antihemorrhagics
B02B - Vitamin K and Other Hemostatics

The DDDs are based on treatment of hemorrhage associated with different deficiency states (e.g. vitamin K deficiency, deficiency of different blood coagulation factors etc.).

B02BD - Blood Coagulation Factors

This group comprises all blood coagulation factors, thrombin etc., incl. preparations for local use, and their combinations. Fibrinogen (factor I), see - B02BB - Fibrinogen.
Both human derived and recombinant factor VIII and factor IX products will be classified in B02BD02 - coagulation factor VIII and B02BD04 - coagulation factor IX, respectively.

No DDDs are established for blood coagulation factors. The use of blood coagulation factors could be measured in blood factor units (IU).

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