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B03BA01 - CyanocobalaminATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
B - Blood and Blood Forming Organs
B03 - Antianemic Preparations
B03B - Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid
B03BA - Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin and Analogues)

Hydroxocobalamin for treatment of neuralgia is classified here.
Combinations with liver extract are classified at separate 5th levels using the corresponding 50-series. Combinations with folic acid are classified in this group by using the 50-series.
Combinations indicated for symptomatic treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency are classified in B03BA51.
Vitamin B12, see also:
A11D - Vitamin B1, plain and in combination with vitamin B6 and B12
A11EA - Vitamin B-complex, plain
B03A - Iron preparations

The DDDs are based on maintenance treatment of pernicious anemia. Different DDDs are assigned for oral and parenteral formulations of cyanocobalamin due to great differences in bioavailability.
The DDD for mecobalamin is based on the treatment of peripheral neuropathies.

B03BA01 - Cyanocobalamin
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