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G01AF02 - ClotrimazoleATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
G - Genito Urinary System and Sex Hormones
G01 - Gynecological Antiinfectives and Antiseptics

This group comprises gynecological antiinfectives and antiseptics mainly for local use. See also:
J - Antiinfectives for systemic use
D06 - Antibiotics and chemotherapeutics for dermatological use
P01AB - Nitroimidazole derivatives

The DDDs are based on the treatment of vaginal infections.

G01A - Antiinfectives and Antiseptics, Excl. Combinations with Corticosteroids

This group comprises preparations, mainly for local use.
Combinations with corticosteroids, see G01B.
Antivirals for topical use, including gynecological use, such as podophyllotoxin, are classified in D06 - Antibiotics and chemotherapeutics for dermatological use.

G01AF - Imidazole Derivatives

Imidazole derivatives (e.g. metronidazole and ornidazole) in formulations for vaginal administration are classified in this group. Parenteral formulations are classified in J01XD, as they are mainly used in anaerobic infections. Imidazole derivatives in oral (including tablets used for the treatment of gynecological infections only) and rectal dosage forms are classified in P01AB. Metronidazole for topical use in skin disorders is classified in D06BX - Other chemotherapeutics.
The combination of econazole and benzydamine is classified in G01AF55.

G01AF02 - Clotrimazole
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