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G03FB - Progestogens and Estrogens, Sequential PreparationsATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
G - Genito Urinary System and Sex Hormones
G03 - Sex Hormones and Modulators Of The Genital System

Other hormones, see H - Systemic hormonal preparations, excl. sex hormones and insulins.
Sex hormones used only in the treatment of neoplastic diseases (often selected strengths) are classified in L - Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents.

The DDDs of many of the hormone preparations may vary considerably with the route of administration due to substantial differences in bioavailability. The DDDs of depot preparations are calculated as the dose divided by the dosing interval.

G03F - Progestogens and Estrogens in Combination

This group comprises combined preparations used in the treatment of menopausal symptoms, menstrual irregularities etc.
Hormonal contraceptives, see G03A.

The DDDs for combined preparations of estrogens and progestogens are based on use in postmenopausal substitution therapy in cycles of 28 days. Thus, the DDD is 0.75 and 1 UD for 21 and 28 tablets cycle packages, respectively.

G03FB - Progestogens and Estrogens, Sequential Preparations

This group comprises preparations with varying contents of progestogens and estrogens adjusted to the normal hormonal cycle. A package which is intended for one cycle, may contain e.g. three types of tablets, each designed to cover a special part of the menstrual period. Cycle packages may contain some tablets with progestogens only. Combination packages with separate tablets containing progestogens and estrogens intended to be taken together and in sequence are also classified in this group.
5th levels are built up as in G03FA.
Hormonal contraceptives, sequential preparations, see G03AB.

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