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G04BD08 - SolifenacinATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
G - Genito Urinary System and Sex Hormones
G04 - Urologicals

Antiseptic and antiinfective preparations for systemic use specifically used in urinary tract infections, see J01.
Antiinfectives for systemic use, see group J.
Gynecological antiinfectives and antiseptics, see G01.

G04B - Urologicals

This group comprises urological preparations other than antiseptics and antiinfectives.

G04BD - Drugs for Urinary Frequency and Incontinence

This group comprises antispasmodics specifically used in the urogenital tractus.
Gastrointestinal antispasmodics, see A03.
Trospium in combination with analgesics are classified in A03DA.

The DDD for oral administered emeperonium is higher than the DDD for parenteral administered formulations, due to low oral bioavailability.

G04BD08 - Solifenacin
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