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H01CC01 - GanirelixATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
H - Systemic Hormonal Preparations, Excl. Sex Hormones and Insulins

This group comprises all hormonal preparations for systemic use, except:
- Insulins, see A10.
- Anabolic steroids, see A14.
- Catecholamines, see C01C and R03C.
- Sex hormones, see G03.
- Sex hormones used in treatment of neoplastic diseases, see L02.
- Metreleptin used for treatment of complications of leptin deficiency in patients with generalised lipodystrophy is classified in A16AA.

The DDDs are generally based on the treatment or diagnosis of endocrine disorders.

H01 - Pituitary and Hypothalamic Hormones and Analogues
H01C - Hypothalamic Hormones

This group comprises hypothalamic hormones; extracts, purified natural hormones and synthetic analogues.
Hypothalamic hormones used as diagnostic agents for pituitary function are classified in V04CD.

H01CC - Anti-Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormones
H01CC01 - Ganirelix
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