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V07AB - Solvents and Diluting Agents, incl. Irrigating SolutionsATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
V - Various

This group comprises many different types of drugs, and assigning DDDs are difficult. Very few DDDs are assigned in this group.

V07 - All Other Non-Therapeutic Products
V07A - All Other Non-Therapeutic Products

This group comprises e.g. solvents, diluents and solutions for blood transfusion products. Auxiliary products for performing medical examinations, e.g. plain exploration creams and lubricants, are also classified in this group.

V07AB - Solvents and Diluting Agents, incl. Irrigating Solutions

This group comprises sterile water preparations and solvents for diluting or dissolving active substances, e.g. allergen extracts.
Storage solutions for the preservation of organs are also classified here.

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