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Fachinformation zu HepaGel®:Spirig HealthCare AG
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C05BA03 - HeparinATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
C - Cardiovascular System
C05 - Vasoprotectives

No DDDs are established in this group, since most of the drugs in this group are for topical use.

C05B - Antivaricose Therapy

This group comprises all products for treatment of varices, i.v. infusion induced thrombophlebitis etc.
Zinc bandages, see D09A - Medicated dressings.

C05BA - Heparins Or Heparinoids for Topical Use

Heparin in combination with e.g. dexpanthenol and allantoin is classified in C05BA53.
Heparin in combination with diclofenac for topical use is classified in M02AA15.
Heparinoids in combination with calcium dobesilate are classified in C05BX - Other sclerosing agents.

C05BA03 - Heparin
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