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A09AA02 - Multienzymes (Lipase, Protease Etc.)ATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
A - Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
A09 - Digestives, incl. Enzymes
A09A - Digestives, incl. Enzymes
A09AA - Enzyme Preparations

Only enzymes used in digestion disorders are classified in this group. Other enzymes, see B06AA - Enzymes, and D03BA - Proteolytic enzymes.
Enzyme preparations, which are indicated to treat inflammatory conditions, are classified in M09AB - Enzymes.
Combinations of digestive enzymes are classified in A09AA02 multienzymes (lipase, protease etc.).
Combinations of digestive enzymes and other agents (e.g. silicone compounds and spasmolytics) are classified in this group if the main indication is digestion disorders.
Cholagogues are classified in A05 - Bile and liver therapy.

DDDs can be difficult to establish because of great variations in enzyme content. The DDDs are based on average recommended doses given in different drug catalogues. Most of the preparations are combinations of different enzymes, and the DDDs are therefore given in UDs. Some specific products have been given a DDD, see list of DDDs for combination products,

A09AA02 - Multienzymes (Lipase, Protease Etc.)
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