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Fachinformation zu Human-Albumin 20% Behring:CSL Behring (Schweiz) AG
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B05AA01 - AlbuminATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
B - Blood and Blood Forming Organs
B05 - Blood Substitutes and Perfusion Solutions

See also:
V07AB - Solvents and diluting agents, incl. irrigating solutions
V07AC - Blood transfusion, auxiliary products

No DDDs are established in this group. It is considered difficult to establish DDDs, because of the great variations in dosages given.

B05A - Blood and Related Products
B05AA - Blood Substitutes and Plasma Protein Fractions

Polygeline is classified in B05AA06 gelatin agents.
ATC level B05AA07 hydroxyethylstarch includes starches that have been etherified to varying extent e.g. hepta-, hexa-, penta,- and tetrastarches.

B05AA01 - Albumin
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