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Fachinformation zu Alendronat Sandoz® 70, Wochentabletten:Sandoz Pharmaceuticals AG
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M05BA04 - Alendronic AcidATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
M - Musculo-Skeletal System
M05 - Drugs for Treatment Of Bone Diseases

Drugs used for the treatment of bone diseases, see also:
A11CC - Vitamin D and analogues
A12A - Calcium
A12AX - Calcium, combinations with vitamin D and/or other drugs
A12CD - Fluoride
G03C/G03F - Estrogens/Progestogens and estrogens in combination
H05BA - Calcitonins

M05B - Drugs Affecting Bone Structure and Mineralization
M05BA - Bisphosphonates

This group includes plain preparations. Combination packages with calcium for sequential use are classified in M05BB.

The DDDs for the bisphosphonates are based on the treatment of osteoporosis if this is an approved indication.
The DDDs for clodronic acid, pamidronic acid, zoledronic acid, parenteral etidronic acid and parenteral ibandronic acid are based on tumor induced hypercalcemia. The oral DDD for ibandronic acid is based on osteoporosis. Since the duration of the intravenous treatment courses with the bisphosphonates are varying, from 1-5 days, the DDDs for these parenteral formulations are assigned according to the total course dose. The DDDs for the oral formulations, which are mainly used for maintenance therapy, are assigned according to daily dosages.
The DDD for tiludronic acid is based on the treatment of Pagets disease.

M05BA04 - Alendronic Acid
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