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Fachinformation zu SmofKabiven® EF:Fresenius Kabi (Schweiz) AG
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B05BA10 - CombinationsATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
B - Blood and Blood Forming Organs
B05 - Blood Substitutes and Perfusion Solutions

See also:
V07AB - Solvents and diluting agents, incl. irrigating solutions
V07AC - Blood transfusion, auxiliary products

No DDDs are established in this group. It is considered difficult to establish DDDs, because of the great variations in dosages given.

B05B - I.V. Solutions

This group comprises i.v. solutions used in parenteral administration of fluids, electrolytes and nutrients. I.v. solution additives (i.v. concentrates), see B05X.

B05BA - Solutions for Parenteral Nutrition

This group comprises amino acids, carbohydrates, fat emulsions etc. for parenteral nutrition. Combinations with electrolytes are allowed. Combinations of electrolytes and glucose are classified in B05BB - Solutions affecting the electrolyte balance. These and similar combinations are not primarily used as nutrients.

B05BA10 - Combinations
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