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Information for professionals for CELLUVISC® Unit Dose:AbbVie AG
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S01XA20 - Artificial Tears and Other Indifferent PreparationsATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
S - Sensory Organs

A formulation approved both for use in the eye/ear is classified in S03. Formulations approved for eye, ear and nose are also classified in S03. Formulations only licensed for use in the eye or the ear are classified in S01 and S02, respectively.

S01 - Ophthalmologicals

Most of the drugs in this group are topical preparations. Systemic preparations with clear ophthalmological indications are also classified in this group.
Small amounts of antiseptics in eye preparations do not influence the classification, e.g. benzalconium.
See also S03 - Ophthalmological and otological preparations.

DDDs have been assigned for antiglaucoma preparations only.

S01X - Other Ophthalmologicals

This group comprises products, which cannot be classified in the preceding groups e.g. artificial tears, products for use with contact lenses, drugs against cataract etc.
All products containing boric acid are classified in S01AX - Other antiinfectives.

S01XA - Other Ophthalmologicals

Hypromellose is classified in S01XA20, if it is used as artificial tears. See also S01KA.
Varenicline nasal spray used for dry eye disease is classified in this group.

S01XA20 - Artificial Tears and Other Indifferent Preparations
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