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Fluticasone (R03BA05) 8 products WHO-DDD 
  IPCI Axotide 0,050 mginhalation(s) à 0.05 mg10.4720.2010 %GlaxoSmithKline AGB / SLGtell a friend
  IPCI Axotide 0,125 mginhalation(s) à 0.125 mg22.9042.7010 %GlaxoSmithKline AGB / SLGtell a friend
  IPCI Axotide 0,250 mginhalation(s) à 0.25 mg36.8958.7510 %GlaxoSmithKline AGB / SLGtell a friend
  IPCI Axotide 100 ug60 inhalation(s)9.3418.9010 %GlaxoSmithKline AGB / SLGtell a friend
  IPCI Axotide 250 ug60 inhalation(s)20.3739.8010 %GlaxoSmithKline AGB / SLGtell a friend
  IPCI Axotide 500 ug60 inhalation(s)32.4253.6010 %GlaxoSmithKline AGB / SLGtell a friend
  IPCI Axotide Nebules 0,5 mg/2 mL10 unidose(s)9.0618.60k.A.gebrauchsfertige Suspension zur Inhalation: Fluticasoni-17 PropionasGlaxoSmithKline AGBGtell a friend
  IPCI Axotide Nebules 2 mg/2 mL10 unidose(s)32.8054.05k.A.gebrauchsfertige Suspension zur Inhalation: Fluticasoni-17 Propionas 2 mgGlaxoSmithKline AGBGtell a friend
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