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Iromedica AG - Rotpunkt Apotheke Bronchial-Pastillen zuckerfrei, mit Sorbit neue Formel
Rotpunkt Apotheke Bronchial-Pastillen zuckerfreimit Sorbit neue Formel
R05FB02Cough Suppressants and Expectorants
anisi aetheroleum 1.9 mg, eucalypti aetheroleum 0.75 mg, polygalae extractum ethanolicum siccum 7 mg, DER: 2-4:1, levomentholum 2 mg, liquiritiae succus 98 mg, natrii cyclamas, excipiens pro pastillo.
mit Sorbit neue Formel
Excipiens pro Pastillo
Active AgentDose
Anisi Aetheroleum1.9 mg
Eucalypti Aetheroleum0.75 mg
Levomenthol2 mg
Liquiritiae Succus98 mg
Polygalae Extractum Ethanolicum Siccum7 mg
Inactive agents
Der: 2-4:1
Natrii Cyclamas
Package numberPackage SizeEFPCPCategorySLOut of trade (MedRef)
00236PRPRE No
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