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A12AA20 - Calcium (Different Salts in Combination)ATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
A - Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
A12 - Mineral Supplements

This group contains mineral supplements used for treatment of mineral deficiency. Magnesium carbonate used for treatment of mineral deficiency is classified in A02AA01.

A12A - Calcium
A12AA - Calcium

Plain calcium preparations, incl. bone extracts are classified in this group. Calcium acetate mainly used for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia, is classified in V03AE07.
See also B05X - I.v. solution additives.
Combinations of different calcium salts are given the following ATC code: A12AA20. Small amounts of calcium carbonate (i.e. 300 mg per tablet) are, however, allowed at each 5th level for plain calcium preparations.
Combinations of calcium and vitamine D are classified in A12AX.
The combination of calcium acetate and magnesium carbonate is classified in V03AE.
Antacids with calcium carbonate are classified in A02AC.
See also:
A11AA02 - multivitamins and calcium
A11EC - Vitamin B-complex with minerals
A11GB01 - ascorbic acid (vit C) and calcium
A11JB - Vitamins with minerals

The DDDs are based on treatment of calcium deficiency and osteoporosis.

A12AA20 - Calcium (Different Salts in Combination)
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