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Fachinformation zu Librocol®:Lagap SA
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A03CA02 - Clidinium and PsycholepticsATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
A - Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
A03 - Drugs for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

A major part of the preparations in this group are combined preparations. Preparations containing e.g. analgesics and antispasmodics could be classified either in this group or in N02 - Analgesics. Combinations of psycholeptics and antispasmodics could be classified in A03 or in N05 - Psycholeptics etc. The main indication for the use of the combination will, together with the relative effect of the active components, decide the classification. In the treatment of pain caused by spasms, the spasmolytic component must be judged as more important than the analgesic component. Accordingly, analgesic/antispasmodic combinations should be classified in A03 if the main effect of the preparation is the antispasmodic action.
Combined preparations are classified in:
A03C - Antispasmodics in combination with psycholeptics
A03D - Antispasmodics in combination with analgesics
A03E - Antispasmodics and anticholinergics in combination with other drugs
Antispasmodics, which are used specifically in the urogenital tractus, are classified in G04BD - Drugs for urinary frequency and incontinence.

The DDD for the substances is usually equal for different routes of administration (oral, parenteral or rectal) of the same compound and is based on the oral dose.

A03C - Antispasmodics in Combination with Psycholeptics

Antispasmodics in combination with psycholeptics and other drugs (excl. analgesics) are classified in this group.
Antispasmodics in combination with both psycholeptics and analgesics are classified in A03EA.
The classification at the 5th levels is based on the antispasmodic component. At each 5th level several psycholeptics may occur. When classifying such combined products, it is necessary to look at the main indication and the composition, to see if the preparation should be classified in A03 or in N05 - Psycholeptics (see comments under A03).

A03CA - Synthetic Anticholinergic Agents in Combination with Psycholeptics

General comments, see A03C.
Combinations with more than one antispasmodic substance are classified in a ranking according to the ATC code. A substance classified in A03CA01 takes precedence over a substance classified in A03CA02 etc.

A03CA02 - Clidinium and Psycholeptics
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