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Clindamycin (G01AA10) 2 products WHO-DDD 
  IPCI Dalacin V 2%20 g6.3615.5010 %Vaginal cream: Clindamycinum 20 mgPfizer AGB / SLGtell a friend
  IPCI Dalacin V 2%40 gPR41.15k.A.Vaginal cream: Clindamycinum 20 mgPfizer AGBGtell a friend
Dequalinium (G01AC05) 1 products WHO-DDD 
  IPCI FluomizinI6 Tablet(s)9.5419.1510 %Vaginal tablets: Dequalinii Chloridum 10 mgMedinova AGB / SLGtell a friend
Metronidazole (G01AF01) 4 products WHO-DDD 
  IPCI Flagyl10 suppositories5.7414.8010 %Vaginal ovules: Metronidazolum 500 mgSanofi-Aventis
(Suisse) SA
B / SL / SOGtell a friend
  IPCICMMetronidazole Zentiva10 suppositories5.1614.1010 %Vaginal ovules: Metronidazolum 500 mgHelvepharm AGB / SL / SGGtell a friend
  IPCI Arilin 1000 mgsuppositoriesPRPRk.A.Vaginalzäpfchen: Metronidazolum 1000 mgAlcina AGBGtell a friend
  IPCI Arilin 1000 mg2 suppositoriesPRPRk.A.Vaginalzäpfchen: Metronidazolum 1000 mgAlcina AGBGtell a friend
Clotrimazole (G01AF02) 7 products WHO-DDD 
  IPCI Corisol 33 Tablet(s)5.7610.6010 %Vaginal tablets: Clotrimazolum 200 mgSandoz
Pharmaceuticals AG
D / SL / SGGtell a friend
  IPCI Gyno-Canesten20 gPRPRk.A.Vaginal cream: Clotrimazolum 20 mgBayer (Schweiz) AGDGtell a friend
  IPCI Fungotox-2003PRPRk.A.Vaginal tablets: Clotrimazolum 200 mgMepha Pharma AGDGtell a friend
  IPCI Gyno-Canesten3 Tablet(s)PRPRk.A.Vaginal tablets: Clotrimazolum 200 mgBayer (Schweiz) AGDGtell a friend
  IP  Fungotox Set PRPRk.A.Creme + Vaginaltabletten: Clotrimazolum 10 mg
Creme + Vaginaltabletten: Clotrimazolum 200 mg
Mepha Pharma AGDGtell a friend
  IPCI Gyno-CanestenKombipackung(en)PRPRk.A.Kombipack: Clotrimazolum 200 mg
Kombipack: Clotrimazolum 10 mg
Bayer (Schweiz) AGDGtell a friend
     Kadefemin Mycostop 200 mg / 2% PRPRk.A.Vaginaltabletten und Creme: Clotrimazolum 200 mg
Vaginaltabletten und Creme: Clotrimazolum 20 mg
Max Zeller Söhne AGDGtell a friend
Econazole (G01AF05) 5 products WHO-DDD 
  IPCI Gyno-Pevaryl Depot2 suppositories6.4315.6010 %Vaginal ovules: Econazoli Nitras 150 mgMedius AGB / SLGtell a friend
  IPCI Gyno-Pevaryl78 gPR42.60k.A.Vaginal cream: Econazoli Nitras 10 mgMedius AG● BGtell a friend
  IPCI Gyno-Pevaryl 50 mg15 suppositoriesPR42.60k.A.Vaginal ovules: Econazoli Nitras 50 mgMedius AGBGtell a friend
  IPCI Gyno-Pevaryl 150 mgKombipackung(en)PR37.60k.A.Vaginal ovules: Econazoli Nitras 150 mgMedius AGBGtell a friend
  IPCI Gyno-Pevaryl 150 mg3 suppositoriesPR24.40k.A.Vaginal ovules: Econazoli Nitras 150 mgMedius AGBGtell a friend
Povidone-Iodine (G01AX11) 1 products WHO-DDD 
  IPCI Betadine148.2217.6510 %Vaginal ovules: Iodum 20 mgMundipharma Medical
Company, Hamilton,
Bermuda, Basel Branch
B / SLGtell a friend
Ciclopirox (G01AX12) 3 products WHO-DDD 
  IPCI Dafnegil40 g6.1115.2010 %Vaginal cream: Ciclopiroxum Olaminum 10 mgAlmirall AGB / SLGtell a friend
  IPCI Dafnegil6 suppositories5.9014.9510 %Vaginal ovules: Ciclopiroxum Olaminum 100 mgAlmirall AGB / SLGtell a friend
  IPCI DafnegilKombipackung(en)13.8428.20k.A.Duopack: Ciclopiroxum Olaminum 10 mg
Duopack: Ciclopiroxum Olaminum 100 mg
Almirall AGBGtell a friend
Hexetidine (G01AX16) 2 products WHO-DDD 
  IPCI Vagi-Hex12PRPRk.A.Vaginal tablets: Hexetidinum 10 mgDrossapharm AGBGtell a friend
  IPCI Vagi-Hex24PRPRk.A.Vaginal tablets: Hexetidinum 10 mgDrossapharm AGBGtell a friend
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