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     ProductPackage SizeEFPCPSBDCCompositionRegistr. HolderCategory    
Snake Venom Antiserum (J06AA03) 20 products WHO-DDD  
     Antivipmyn PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Antivipmyn TRI PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Banded Krait Antivenin PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Black Snake Antivenom PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Brown Snake Antivenom PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Cobra Antivenin PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Death Adder Antivenom PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Green Pit Viper Antivenin PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     King Cobra Antivenin PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Malayan Pit Viper
 PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Polyvalent Snake
 PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Red Back Spider Antivenom PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Russell's Viper Antivenin PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     SAIMR Boomslang Antivenom PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     SAIMR Echis Antivenom PRPRk.A.Immunoglobulinum Monovalentum Equis Echis Carinatus/ocellatus Gemäss FiArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     SAIMR Polyvalent Snake
 PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Snake Antivenin I.P.5PRPRk.A.4 Active AgentsArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Taipan Antivenom PRPRk.A.Immunoglobulinum Monovalentum Equis Oxyuranus Scutellatus 12000 UIArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Viper Venom Antiserum
 PRPRk.A.ArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
     Tiger Snake PRPRk.A.Antivenom: Immunoglobulinum Monovalentum Equis Notechis Scutatus 3000 UIArmeeapothekeAGtell a friend
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