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A10AB06 - Insulin GlulisineATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
A - Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
A10 - Drugs Used in Diabetes
A10A - Insulins and Analogues

This group comprises both human - and animal insulins.
Insulin preparations are classified at 4 different 4th levels, according to onset and duration of action. Each 4th level is differentiated in 5th levels according to origin of insulin.
Products consisting of, e.g. beef and pork insulin, are classified as combinations (30-levels) at each 4th level according to onset and duration of action.

The DDD for insulins is 40 units.

A10AB - Insulins and Analogues for Injection, Fast-Acting
A10AB06 - Insulin Glulisine
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