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Fachinformation zu LOXAZOL®:Interdelta S.A.
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P03AC04 - PermethrinATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
P - Antiparasitic Products, Insecticides and Repellents

The group is subdivided according to types of parasites.

P03 - Ectoparasiticides, incl. Scabicides, Insecticides and Repellents

No DDDs are assigned in this group. Substances classified in this group are for topical use and the consumption figures for these preparations could be expressed in e.g. grams of preparations regardless of strength.

P03A - Ectoparasiticides, incl. Scabicides

This group comprises preparations used against scabies, lice and other ectoparasites.
The active substances with direct effect on the ectoparasiticides are decisive for the classification.

P03AC - Pyrethrines, incl. Synthetic Compounds

This group comprises various pyrethrum products, including synthetic pyrethrinoids and combinations with e.g. piperonyl butoxide.
Combinations with malathion are classified here.

P03AC04 - Permethrin
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