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B05BA10 - CombinationsATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
B - Blood and Blood Forming Organs
B05 - Blood Substitutes and Perfusion Solutions

See also:
V07AB - Solvents and diluting agents, incl. irrigating solutions
V07AC - Blood transfusion, auxiliary products

No DDDs are established in this group. It is considered difficult to establish DDDs, because of the great variations in dosages given.

B05B - I.V. Solutions

This group comprises i.v. solutions used in parenteral administration of fluids, electrolytes and nutrients. Agents administered as i.v. solutions or additives, see the respective therapeutic groups. I.v. solution additives, see B05X.

B05BA - Solutions for Parenteral Nutrition

This group comprises amino acids, carbohydrates, fat emulsions etc. for parenteral nutrition. Combinations with electrolytes are allowed. Combinations of electrolytes and glucose are classified in B05BB - Solutions affecting the electrolyte balance. These and similar combinations are not primarily used as nutrients.

B05BA10 - Combinations
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