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Information professionnelle sur ROTOP MAG-3 Kit:Heider AG
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V09CA03 - Technetium (99mtc) MertiatideATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
V - Various

This group comprises many different types of drugs, and assigning DDDs are difficult. Very few DDDs are assigned in this group.

V09 - Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals

No DDDs have been assigned for radiopharmaceuticals.

V09C - Renal System

This group comprises preparations used for the visualisation of kidneys and urinary tract and preparations for functional studies of the renal system.

V09CA - Technetium (99mtc) Compounds

This group comprises technetium compounds given intravenously.
Technetium compounds used in aerosols for inhalation are classified in V09E - Respiratory system.
Technetium-succimer prepared as pentavalent is classified in V09I - Tumour detection.

V09CA03 - Technetium (99mtc) Mertiatide
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