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R07AA02 - Natural PhospholipidsATC-DDD Version 2016. Source: WHO
R - Respiratory System

Inhaled antiinfectives are classified in ATC group J - Antiinfectives for systemic use.

R07 - Other Respiratory System Products
R07A - Other Respiratory System Products

This group comprises lung surfactants and respiratory stimulants.
Caffeine is classified in N06B - Psychostimulants, agents used for ADHD and nootropics. See also comments under R07AB - Respiratory stimulants.

R07AA - Lung Surfactants

This group comprises surface-tension lowering agents used in respiratory distress syndrome. Combinations of different lung surfactants are classified in R07AA30, e.g. sinapultide in combination with other lung surfactants are classified here.

The DDDs of colfosceril palmitate and natural phospholipids are based on the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in neonates, and correspond to the treatment of children weighing 1.6 kg.

R07AA02 - Natural Phospholipids
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